2nd grade Fundations
Below are listed all of the units from Fundations from last year. This shows what sounds and patterns they were taught last year. The trick words are words that don't follow the rules and they students need to learn.

Unit One 2 weeks
Pattern:Consonant blends and digraphs in one syllable words
Words to practice-moth, lunch, skip, strum, quit, shred
Trick Words to memorize-you, your, they, was, one, said

Unit Two 2 weeks
Pattern:glued sounds /all/ /am/ /an/ / ang/ /ank/ /ing/ /ink/ / ong/ / onk/ /ung/ /unk/
Words to practice- still, dress, strung, fluff, crank, elf
Trick Words to memorize-shall, full, pull, both, talk, walk

Unit Three 1 week
Pattern:Closed syllable exceptions (these syllables should be short vowels but are long) in one syllable words
Words to practice- wild, find, cold, colt, post, dunk
Trick Words to memorize- done, goes, pretty, where

Unit Four 2 weeks
Pattern:Suffixes -s -es, -ed, -ing -er, -est in one syllable words
Words to practice- stronger, tallest, spilled, passed, swinging
Trick Words to memorize-again, please, animal, sure, use, used

Unit Five 2 weeks
Pattern:read multisyllablic words and divide into syllables/ use -ic at the end of 2 syllable words
Words to practice- public, relic, catnip, habit, mascot, hundred, freshen, boldness
Trick Words to memorize- against, knew, know, always, often, once

Unit Six 2 weeks
Pattern:Review the vowel, consonant, -e syllable from first grade
Words to practice-hope, confuse, reptile, olive, inventive
Trick Words to memorize-only, house, move, right,place, together

Unit Seven 3 weeks
Pattern:open syllables, y as a vowel, suffixes -y, -ly, and -ty
Words to practice-no, go, flu, we, cry, music, relate, protect, safety, chilly, baby, kindness
Trick Words to memorize-eight, large, change, city, every, family, night, carry, something

Unit Eight 1 week
Pattern:R controlled syllable -or, -ore, ar
Words to practice-fort, part, orbit, party, store, more
Trick Words to memorize-world, answer, different, down

Unit Nine 2 weeks
Pattern:R controlled syllable -er, -ir, and -ur
Words to practice- burst, termite, dirty, burn, first, hamster
Trick Words to memorize-picture, learn, earth, father, brother, mother

Unit Ten 2 weeks
Pattern:Double vowel syllable types (ai, ay) and homonyms
Words to practice- train, display, spray, plain, plane, main, mane
Trick Words to memorize-great, country, away, America, school, thought

Unit Eleven 2 weeks
Pattern:Double vowel syllable type (ee, ea, ey)
Words to practice-cheap, keep, chimney, steam, sheep, hockey, indeed
Trick Words to memorize-whose, won, son, breakfast, head, ready

Unit Twelve 1 week
Pattern:Dipthongs (oi, oy)
Words to practice-moist, toys, paperboy, coin, soy, broil, soil
Trick Words to memorize-favorite, early, ocean

Unit Thirteen 2 weeks
Pattern:Double vowel syllable (oa, oe, ow)
Words to practice-road, doe, foam, grown, snow, toe
Trick Words to memorize-Monday, Tuesday, cousin, lose, tomorrow, beautiful

Unit Fourteen 2 weeks
Pattern:Double vowel syllable (ou, ow)
Words to practice-loud, drown, plow,trout, now, clown, cloud
Trick Words to memorize-Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, bought, brought, piece

Unit Fifteen 2 weeks
Pattern:Double vowel syllable (oo, ou, ue, ew)
Words to practice-spoon, soup, overdue, blew, argue, spook
Trick Words to memorize-January, February, July, enough, special, December

Unit Sixteen 1 week
Pattern:Double vowel syllable ( au, aw)
Words to practice-claw, aunt, straw,launch, dawn, August, raw
Trick Words to memorize-August, laugh, daughter

Unit Seventeen 2 weeks
Pattern:Consonant -le syllable type and review all 6 syllable types
Words to practice-gobble, tumble, table, apple, giggle, bugle, sparkled, marbled.
Trick Words to memorize-trouble, couple, young, Thursday and Saturday